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A day for our love

  Time for two for couples

How can couples avoid relationship traps and benefit from their differences? Only those who get involved again and again and do something for the common happiness will experience growing fulfillment. Our speakers and married couple will give you tips on how to make your time together (even) more beautiful and how to bring a lot of fun, depth and love into the relationship. Lecture elements and couple talks alternate. There will be no group discussions, because this is a day just for you two!

Should you have any questions or need the registration sheets, please contact us per mail.

Speakers:                Susanne und                                Marcus Mockler
Course Language:                    DE
Next course start:            29.02.20
Regist.-Deadline:                31.12.19
Cost:                      25€ per couple
Childcare:                                 Yes*

*with previous registration

Baptism Course


The baptism course serves as preparation for the baptism.

Anyone who would like to be baptized can contact us directly.



Baptismal Service       03.2020
Course Language:          Open
Next course start:       02.2020
Regist.-Deadline:        02.2020

Institut für Leiterschaft und Dienst (ILD)

The ILD program deals with various theological and practice-relevant topics for community work and ends for the successful participants with a grading at the European Theological Seminary in Kniebis, Freudenstadt, where they receive the certificate for a completed basic study.

Course Language:               DE
Next course start:        10.2020
Regist.-Deadline:        31.08.20

Basic Faith Course

The basic faith course helps Christians who are new to faith, but also people who want to get to know the Christian faith better.

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join. If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Richter in person.

Course Language:                DE
Next course start:          02.11.19
Regist.-Deadline:          10.2019

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